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1. Fase de descoberta

The ComSonante choir website was created with the purpose of promoting community singing.
ComSonante sings choirworks a capella (Portuguese, classical, Renaissance and contemporary) and the maestro is Luiz Pedro Faro.
The primary goals were to create a website for the choir that would stand out and create an interface with several search criteria available, including author, music category, country, century and downloadable files with different file formats (TXT, PDF, MID or SIB files).


2. Fase criativa

The creation of the logo was inspired in the choirs concept of singing in consonance and in the spirit of an unpretensious, joyful singers group.
A clean, responsive and user-centered design were also a focus.

Coro ComSonante (Oeiras) _ - 2013-10-28_17.39.12



3. Fase Técnica

Thanks to Drupal modules, the contents can be easily organized, managed and published with high UI Design standards.
Being a content-based website, makes use of a taxonomy based information architecture, which allows to connect, relate and classify the website’s contents. This way, the user can access exactly to the content he wants.
Another of the website features it’s the repertoire interface. It has filtered search system for the information about each choral work and MIDI, PDF, TXT and SIB files, that can be both viewd on-line and downloaded.
Along with CCK, Views, Node Reference URL, and Views Attach, the Node Reference URL Widget was essential to the repertoire views.
The Location module allowed real-world geographic locations. Google Maps tools allowed addresses and coordinates (points) to be added to nodes through CCK fields. These were associated with ComSonante performance node type views.


  • html5
  • css3
  • wordpress
  • drupal
  • facebook

4. Fase de revisão

The objective was to create a web presence for Comsonante choir that echoed that of a charismatic community of singers.
A user friendly, yet beautiful website that integrates the latest technologies and capabilities is something that has ultimately taken the choir to another level.

5. Citação

ComSonante’s website redesign was a rather demanding task. Even though it concerned an amateur choir who provides more than an hundred free worksheets of different styles and periods, the project demanded professional skills. The static to dynamic website conversion required many specific functional features with considerable technical complexity. Catarina’s support and creative work was permanent and enabled solutions to impredicted problems.
The new design is innovative and user friendly. The site visits were incremented in 50% in avery short time.

– Pedro Félix, choir development manager

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