João Madureira

A Portuguese composer official webpage
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1. Discovery phase

João Madureira is an accomplished contemporary music composer.
This official web site intended to present João’s musical work and to promote the news related to his work.

2. Creative phase

The website layout is fully responsive and also clean, highlighting the website contents.The colours scheme was inspired in the musician aesthetic universe.


3. Technical phase

The website was developed with WordPress.
The works are displayed by category and ordered by creation date. In a second tab on the same page, we can check out and link to purchasing pages, featured recordings of the composer works.

works _ joaomadureira

recordings _ joãomadureira

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  • css3
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4. Review phase

The website presents João Madureira’s works and related contents and nothing more. The layout is clean and responsive and the main features of the site are its customized content type and archive and social media integration.

5. Quote

To whom it may concern:
Catarina Clemente is a great Web Designer. She pursues to match the aesthetic desires of her customers. Offers a huge range of features that allow even the less experienced user, to manage and update his site. She also pursues the integration of the site in the vast world of the net through SEO.
-João Madureira, Composer

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