Lisbon Boulevard

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1. Discovery phase

Lisbon Boulevard is a self-catering accommodation located in Lisbon. After my first meeting with the client, I clearly understood the project concept and goals. The  guesthouse business was still in the beginning of its process, the owner needed a brand and a website to promote it.

2. Creative phase

Inspired by the elegant building and historical traditions of the avenue where the guesthouse is located, I came up with a name and a concept for the brand: something “chic”, remotely allusive to the Belle Époque, but clear, simple and sober at the same time.
It was clear to me that plain black&white would be the perfect choice to emphasize the photos, the graphic elements (logo, font type…), but create contrastand optimize the website user experience.

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placeit (6)placeit

3. Technical phase

The client want to create a marketing website to promote their hosting services and to make reservations. The site had to have a good SEO and usability. Obviously it was important that the client could access all informations through all the devices, so the site had to be responsive, as well.

I chose WordPress, so the site could be easily updated by my client. I selected, installed and configured the plugins, took the website photos, and developed a child-theme, including some page templates.

  • html5
  • css3
  • wordpress
  • drupal
  • facebook

4. Review phase

In the review phase, I certified the site navigation and features (gallery, contact forms and online reservation system).

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