Why Not Cascais

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1. Discovery phase


The Why Not Cascais shop promotes a concept of two in one: in the same space, one area reserved for electronic cigarettes and another specialized in gourmet products.
A logotype design for the shop was already created, but there was a need for the website and facebook marketing and thats my contribution.
I tried to reflect the mission and goals of the company in a sophisticated, luxuous and contemporary design.

2. Creative phase

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I choose a clean and responsive design with great contrast and legibility, emphasizing the products.

I used purple graphic details to give a luxurious and whimsical look to the brand.
The typeface chosen for the headlines is the slim, unfussy Helvetica Neue. It’s clean and uncomplicated, which aligns perfectly with the quest for flatness that pervades the new flat design paradigm. And it is a typeface that certainly imbues sophistication and timelessness upon the site content.

3. Technical phase

The website was developed with WordPress, the online shop is based in the Woocommerce structure.

  • html5
  • css3
  • wordpress
  • drupal
  • facebook
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