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Facebook Studio 2014 Awards

Find out who won Facebook Studio Awards 2014 in the Blue Award category! For the latest news and updates on Facebook and Social Media Marketing, stay tuned to this blog.

About the Facebook Studio Awards

The Awards celebrate creative excellence and the best-in-class campaigns on Facebook. The winners are chosen by the top minds in the industry. Not only do they recognize excellence in creativity in execution, they set the bar for creative growth and evolution on Facebook, creating more engaging, delightful experiences for people, and helping to make Facebook an even more powerful platform for advertisers.

The jury are Members of Facebook’s Creative Council who are invited to serve on the jury or appoint a proxy for the annual Facebook Studio Awards.
The criteria focus on the exceptional work that best exemplifies the following:

Craft and execution

There is a focus on high quality images, aesthetics and copyrights; the ability to add something to people’s experience in News Feed; the ability to give the brand a voice and this to make that relevant to the audience.

Scale and segmentation

Reach all the people who are important to the brand; reach them where they spend most of the time in News Feed or on mobile; use Facebook marketing products to extend the reach of the message.


The metrics established for the campaign; the way the Facebook campaign drove the overall business goals and ROI for the client.

Awards categories


Winners in the  BLUE AWARDS category

If We Made It

Agency: Droga5

Client: Heineken USA

This year, the average 30-second ad during the Super Bowl cost four million dollars. The “If We Made It”, a parody of the campaign was a creative way of Newcastle Brown Ale to steal the public’s attention, for a fraction of the cost. “If We Made It” campaign showed in a satirical way to the world, what their Super Bowl campaign would have been if they had had the budget to actually create it.

The campaign included teasers for the ads they would have done. Announced the actress Anna Kendrick and football star Keyshawn Johnson as the stars they would have used in their advertisements. The Newcastle also released the storyboards and images of the targeted groups, which would be for the campaign that never was.
Stats Facebook

More than 5.6 million impressions
More than 1.3 million engagements
1.16 million video views
Global results

Brand awareness increased by 5%
Purchase consideration grew up 19%.

Not bad for the mega, super, colossal campaign…   that never was

Trial by Timeline

Agency: Colenso BBDO / AIM Proximity

Client: Amnesty International

Amnesty International is a human rights organization, which defends the human rights of every person. The purpose of Trial by Timelinecampaign was to highlight the human rights of every person should never be taken for granted.

The Trial by Timelineis a Facebook application that scans your Facebook timeline activity. More and more, people’s lives are documented along the vertical scrolling Facebook timeline. We developed a complex algorithm that scanned your Facebook profile and took note of anything that could be used against you. It searches for everything you’ve ever liked, posted, or written. It studies your personal profile, your age, nationality, relationship status and political views, and then sentences you to real punishments.

340 000 unique visitors with an average visit length of 7:27 minutes

Increased New Zealand Amnesty International Facebook community at more than 500%.


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