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LinkedIn launches new small business microsite

The well known professional social networking site has recently launched LinkedIn Small Business Microsite. This new LinkedIn resource is meant to boost small companies and independent professionals through personal branding, marketing, sales and hiring.
Tips, best practices and solutions are provided for each case:

Personal branding
How can you improve your personal branding with LinkedIn? By establishing your expertise; keep up the conversation with stakeholders through the network; and discovering LinkedIn personal branding tips and resources.
Also, LinkedIn Small Business microsite provides you best practices, success stories and all sort of tips and tricks on perfecting your brand and be inspired and the Small Business Playbook tool.

How can you get started with small business marketing on LinkedIn? You can start by building your brand with a Company Page (and there’s a page where you learn how to do it on this site); engaging your audience with good content and learning the best practices for your company updates; and  reach consumers with  Sponsored Updates and LinkedIn Ads.

How you can perfect your profile? Start by using LinkedIn to build your sales network, learning how to use the search tools to identify account decision makers and find new prospects, get to know who you’re meeting—before you meet and learn more about lead research.

Do you want to build a brand that attracts top talents while finding relevant candidates? Build a Company’s page that helps you to build your employer brand. LinkedIn also helps you by giving you  job posting tips, and search resources, such as  Recruiter Lite’s Premium.

A new study (Priming the Economic Engine: How Social Media is Driving Growth for Small and Medium Businesses) discovered that growing small businesses find social media to be very effective in achieving their marketing goals. The study has been conducted by the market research firm TNS for LinkedIn and nearly 1,000 SMBSs decision makers were surveyed in the United States and Canada. Not all those surveyed were LinkedIn users.
The survey shows compelling links between the growth of a business and its spending on social media. Three out of five the surveyed businesses are in growth mode – showing an increase in revenue from year to year – while one in six businesses are in “hyper growth” mode, meaning that they’re showing significant increases in revenue.

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