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Modern Design

Modern design is one of my references and inspirations. It became even more, since simplicity and performance became a priority in web design trends.
It’s quite interesting how actual, modern design stays, nowadays. I started collecting graphic design, illustration and typography works on pinterest and ended up finding many similarities between modern design and the so called flat design. The simplicity of forms and lines, the bright and contrasting colours combinations, gives us very immediate and compelling visual messages. This visual language is effective and aesthetically very sophisticated for it’s purity.

Roman Guitar (1960)

Roman Guitar (1960)
Designer: Paul Bacon

Designer: Hirokatsu Hijukata
Poster for a fashion show presenting paper dresses Graphis Annual 68/69

Artist: Josef Svoboda
Poster ‘scenografie’

Artist: Bo Lundberg
‘Stockholm 67’. Giclée Art Print

Artist: Jenn Ski
Print featuring the classic Eames

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