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What are mood boards for

The first phase of a project planning is the discovery phase. Every designer have it’s own approach and a different process for discovery. But a common aspect is to get a good understanding of the design challenge one’s facing and to transmit it effectively to the client. Mood boards are an excellent tool for this purpose. Mood boards help others to ‘get inside our heads’ in order to convey a thematic setting for a design or to explain function in piece of work.

The visual aspects that form part of the overall brand are the identity. The mood boards help to express the identity and to give consistency to this “big picture”. A variety of of elements can be included:

  • Structural wireframes
  • Color schemes
  • Textures
  • Images for inspiration
  • Screenshots of other sites
  • Typographic details



Traditionally, mood boards were a large framed cork board. Nowadays, in order to save time and money, there are applications that permit to create and share digital mood boards.

There is an excellent article on digital mood boards and how they can be explored in I recommend it to you, if you want to go further in this matter.

And as for the applications you can use, I suggest these (because the are free and effective):


Modernist Graphic Design no Pinterest



The Matboard

The Matboard

I hope you find this article usefull and inspiring. May your moods be happy and your boards overflow with creativity 🙂

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